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Season 2017 is underway.
– HoneyShare℠ Co-op membership is sold out, however you can still join our more traditional honey offering with set amounts distributed in Late Autumn. Check out below.
– Honey will be available for retail sale after the harvest in late-September/early-October.
Season 2016 Honey is unavailable due to apiary destruction by bear attack.
Season 2015 Honey is no longer available and sold out by all our retailers.


HoneyShare℠ Co-op

Our innovative platform for raising honeybees and selling honey made without chemicals, pesticides, or commercial pollination practices. Available in full, half, third, and quarter shares on an annual basis. Learn more here.

Pricing & availability for Season 2017:

Sold-out: Please contact for part-shares that may become available later in the season.


Our more traditional community supported agriculture choice that allows you to select the amount of honey you wish to have delivered after the harvest. This is a semi-annual offering of a set amount of honey, with a membership kit and member’s pricing benefits. There are two offerings. The more rare and prestigious Early Summer Harvest, estimated to ship in Late June / Early July, which has lighter, more fruity floral nectar notes of strawberry, apple, pineapple, dandelion and honeysuckle. The Late Autumn Harvest, which has darker, more herbal earthy nectar tones of goldenrod, blackberry, mint, and slightly tannic, woody herb notes. Available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze membership packages on a semi-annual basis. Learn more here.

Pricing & availability for Season 2017:

Late Autumn 2017 Harvest – Late September /Early October Delivery

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Chasing Honey Farm Honey

Our super-premium honey products to include raw section comb honey, cut-comb, and minimally strained, never-processed honey attractively packaged in efficient jars, heritage glassware, and individual comb sections untouched by human hands.


Cut-Comb Honey Squares

Produced on-site in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York, the honey is raw, unprocessed in its natural form. No chemicals or pesticides are used on our farm or within the beehives, as many other beekeepers use.

Hand-cut straight from the hive, comb honey can be sliced, chopped, and served in a number of ways, spread over warm toast, stirred into hot beverages, or eaten by the spoonful. The beeswax can be eaten, or chewed and discarded. With all the natural pollens and proteins intact, this is the original superfood.

The honey, in light amber hues, tastes of fresh fruit and berry flavours. Perfect for pairing with cheeses, oatmeal, yogurt, and drizzled over scones. A teaspoon a day to boost immunity to seasonal allergens and treat a sore throat.

Each recyclable food-grade plastic box contains roughly a 4″ x 4″ square of cut-comb honey. Each unit is uniquely traceable to the specific hive, box, and frame of honey from which it was cut.

Cut-comb Honey Square
Not available. Sold out.


Each box of cut-comb honey is hand-lettered with a Unique Cut Code that enables the consumer to trace the origin of each cut down to the individual hive, box, frame and cut from a frame of honey. In this way you can be assured of the quality and locality of your honey, learning more about the bees that made the honey in the process.

To track your honey, enter your Unique Cut Code here:

Unique Cut Code Honey Tracker



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