Enjoy our offering of raw, treatment-free, local honey in 2 formats: minimally-strained and cut-comb.


Local, raw, treatment-free honey

1 liquid honey jar & 1 half-square of cut-comb honey.

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– Shipping December to lower 48 in the US only. Local delivery to Northwest Jersey and Central Catskills by appointment.
– Special requests like gift wrap can be quoted by emailing info@griffincorners@gmail.com
– Contact us for bulk ordering, wholesale inquiries, and crop planning for future honey and beeswax ordering.

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Sample-Size Honey Jar
Season 2022

  • perfect for a spoonful with coffee or tea
  • spread on toast, pancakes
  • great gift size
  • taste of the Catskills
  • wide-mouth glass jars means no waste
  • origin tracing shows we don’t pack other people’s honey and call it our own

Pre-order coming soon.

Half-Pint Honey Jar
Season 2022

  • a tablespoon a day
  • treating cough
  • baking and drink recipes
  • brewing adjunct for small 1-5gal batches
  • reusable & recyclable packaging
  • harvest/packing dates tracked with quality inspections

Pre-order coming soon.

4” square (≈ 12oz net wt.)

Cut-Comb Honey
Season 2022

  • honey in it’s purest form, untouched by human hands
  • foundationless edible wax honeycomb
  • food-grade plastic box
  • unique cut codes reveal the bees making your honey – which frame from which hive

Pre-order coming soon.

Storage: Honey, when properly stored in a cool, dry space can be stored indefinitely.

About our honey this year:

  • The liquid honey naturally crystallizes over time.
  • The science side is that honey is primarily fructose and glucose combined enzymatically by honey bees with trace vitamins and minerals.
  • The rate of crystallization of liquid honey is dependent on the ratio of fructose to glucose, and therefore linked to floral nectar source the bees foraged at that time.
  • Clover and dandelion, for example, have a higher glucose ratio, and therefore crystallize faster.
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