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This year we are launching new ways to raise honey bees and have access to our super-premium honey product.

The HoneyShare℠ Co-op is going into its third season with no chemicals, pesticides, miticides, antibiotics, commercial pollination practices, or artificial feeding. Treatment-free is the way to be.

New in Season 2017


Chasing Honey Farm’s HoneyShare℠ Co-op is a co-operative of apiary members who have a stake in both the honey and the money generated by the apiary.


What is the HoneyShare℠ Co-op

The Chasing Honey Farm HoneyShare℠ Co-op is an annual membership subscription to our apiary’s products. Membership is offered on an annual basis during an open-enrollment window from October after the harvest to April the following year. This enables us to plan our hive and equipment purchases for the next season. Membership entitles the member to exclusive access to purchase a hive, or a portion of a hive, as well as member’s-only pricing on our products.

The initial cost includes the annual membership fee and the cost of setting up and managing a beehive for a year. The setup cost is proportional to the portion of a hive purchased. We are offering whole, one-half, one-third, and one-quarter shares in the proceeds of a hive. After the first year, existing members can re-enroll for the following season by paying the nominal annual membership fee, typically 10%.

Benefits of Membership


Chasing Honey Farm’s HoneyPot℠ is a more traditional community supported agriculture choice that allows you to select the amount of honey you wish to have delivered after the harvest.


What is the HoneyPot℠

This is an semi-annual offering of a set amount of honey, with a membership kit and member’s pricing benefits. There are two offerings; the more rare and prestigious Early Summer Harvest, estimated to ship in Late June / Early July, which has lighter, more fruity floral nectar notes of strawberry, apple, pineapple, dandelion and honeysuckle., and the Late Autumn Harvest, which has darker, more herbal earthy nectar tones of goldenrod, blackberry, mint, and slightly tannic, woody herb notes.

The Early Summer Harvest is available in limited quantities, as much as possible must be reserved to feed the colony during the pollen dearth in Summer. The Late Autumn Harvest is more plentiful. All the honey must be removed from the hive, save 50-60lbs per hive to feed the colony over the Winter months. We do not anticipate an Early Summer Harvest in Season 2017, any early harvest will sold directly once packaged. Season 2015 yielded roughly 50lbs of honey per hive in it’s first year, which is a baseline standard minimum in the industry. Some beekeepers don’t have enough honey at the end of the first season to even do a harvest. A hive has the capacity in certain circumstances to produce in excess of 250lbs of honey per hive per year.

This non-”owner” membership is made available in Late Spring / Early Summer going into the new season and expires as an option once that harvest has been made in Late June / Early July & Late September / Early October respectively.

Benefits of Membership