Where To Find

The honey we produce is rare and exclusive. Rare in that very few beekeepers choose to keep bees the way we do, let alone make it publicly available. Exclusive in that with limited seasonal availability, our honey finds its way into the hands of  those who seek a honey that is more wholesome and unadulterated by processing common to grocery chain suppliers and even most hobbyist beekeepers, while maintaining a foraging range that is well far away from industrial agriculture and its inherent use of pesticides which can be harmful to bees and contaminate honey.

The treatment-free, hands-off approach we use for hive management results in lower yields compared to honey produced through commercial means via pesticides, artificial feeding, and other industrial pollination practices. What we do produce is sold at the same price, cross-platform. So whether you purchase in-person, from our website or another online marketplace, through one of our retailers, or enjoyed as an ingredient from one of our specialty food and beverage establishments, you can enjoy the same price wherever you shop.

We select distribution through our partners that share our passion for specialty craft foods, sustainable agriculture, and an appreciation of the Catskill Mountains as our local terroir.

With an emergency loss of the 2016 honey crop due to bear attack we don’t anticipate being able to offer a new crop of our honey until Summer 2017.

We thank the following retailers for supporting the sale and promotion of our honey from Season 2015 and who are now out of stock.

Stick In The Mud – Margaretville, NY | cut-comb honey squares

The Green Toad Bookstore – Oneonta, NY | cut-comb honey squares

The Red Caboose – Oneonta, NY | comb honey featured on seasonal cheese plate

Union Grove Distillery – Arkville, NY | cut-comb honey squares, liquid raw honey featured in cocktails and vodka infusions

Pepacton Natural Foods – Roscoe, NY | cut-comb honey squares